Sensory Integration: A Guide for Preschool Teachers



How to meet sensory needs of preschoolers who have sensory processing impairments.



A cornerstone publication in the field of early childhood education, this book is notable in that it portrays the same categorizing of sensory processing impairments advocated by Dr. John F. Taylor is his explanatory guidebook, “Understanding Sensory Processing Impairments.” This excellent book provides hundreds of practical ways to solve the issues surrounding sensory processing impairments among preschool students who are sensory avoiders, sensory seekers, and sensory under-responders. Topics include creating low-cost items to assist with sensory issues, explaining sensory processing impairments, designing the classroom environment to assist sensory development, adapting daily routines, and related issues.


Author: Christy & Rebecca Isbell


ISBN:   978-08765-90607


Pages: 144


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