Sense-Abilities: Fun Ways to Explore the Senses



Over 150 fun activities to help young children (PreK-3) experience sensory awareness of taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell.



For use by parents and educators of young children, this guide depicts activities to provide fascination and joy when experiencing sensory inputs.  These activities are ideal for heightening sensory awareness of children who have sensory processing impairments and are under-responders to sensory inputs. They are also delightful for most young children simply as ways to have fun with their senses. There are 15 compelling activities involving fun with sight, 15 involving fun with touch, 13 involving fun with olfaction, 15 involving fun with taste, and 16 involving fun with hearing.


Author: Michelle O’Brien-Palmer


ISBN:   978-15565-23274


Pages: 170


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