Raising A Sensory Smart Child



The third edition of a classic multiple award-winning comprehensive parenting guide to managing sensory processing impairments.



All children with ADHD and autism have sensory processing impairments as described in Dr. John Taylor’s landmark guide, “Understanding Sensory Processing Impairments.” This well-respected guidebook provides a wealth of practical guidance to parents, caregivers and educators of children with sensory processing impairments reflected in abnormal seeking, avoiding, or under-responding to sensory inputs or muscle control tasks.  The extensive range of topics includes how senses integrate with each other, getting the best professional help, therapeutic movement and touch-based activities, using a sensory checklist, neurological over- and under-stimulation, increasing tolerance of sensory overload, solving oral-motor issues such as delayed speech and eating problems, selecting the right toys and equipment, assisting children with developmental delays and ADHD, resolving problems with grooming and mealtimes, helping the teacher become more ”sensory aware,” managing screen time and technology, using compression garments, creating sensory havens, and an interesting discussion of various therapies. It includes elaborate solutions to daily problems involving touch: hair care and getting dressed, going to stores, picky eating, group situations such as school and parties, and much more. Its handling of developmental benchmarks is remarkably thorough and understandable to the reader.


Author:    Lindsey Biel & Nancy Peske


ISBN:      978-01431-15342


Pages:    498


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