Positive Discipline for Preschoolers, 3rd Edition



A practical guide to calm, firm, nonpunitive parenting of a young child.



Like all of the Positive Discipline series, this popular parenting guidebook contains an excellent balance of firmness and warmth and reflects the approach to child rearing advocated by Dr. John F. Taylor in his parenting guide “From Defiance to Cooperation” and his other writings. This book provides enlightened guidance to any parent about the development of socially appropriate self-control of a preschool-age child and is an excellent resource for a parent discussion group. It provides intelligent alternatives to senseless power struggles about toileting, self-care, sleeping and eating. The wide range of topics includes how to avoid common errors in raising young children, use nonpunitive discipline effectively, instill age-appropriate social behavior, employ family meetings, understand the young child’s need for autonomy and self-expression, deal with technology and day care issues, and related topics. This is one of safest and best general purpose parenting guides for the parent of a young child.


Author: Jane Nelsen Ed.D., Cheryl Erwin & Roslyn Duffy


ISBN:   9780-3073-41600


Pages: 360


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