Positive Discipline for Children with Special Needs


Raise children with psychiatric conditions to be responsible, with a strong sense of worth and belonging.


This reassuring book, like all in the Positive Discipline series, reflects the overall style of parenting advocated by Dr. John Taylor in his writings and teachings. Especially addressing the unique needs and stresses associated with major psychiatric conditions in children, it shows how to reach the proper balance between firmness and kindness, provide the right amount of structure without stifling the child’s sense of self, and deliver strong emotional support. This book helps the reader look beyond diagnostic labels, discover the child’s potential, help the child with anger control, cope with day-to-day frustrations, impart a strong sense of personal worth and belonging, arrange important accommodations, encourage the child’s best efforts, inspire the child, provide opportunities for social connection and contribution, believe in the child’s capabilities, and impart a healthy conscience in the child.

Author: Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., Steven Foster, & Arlene Raphael

ISBN: 978-03075-89828

Pages: 246


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