Please Sit Still, Pay Attention & Get Your Schoolwork Done!




This two-hour webinar features a kaleidoscope of practical no-cost teaching strategies and classroom techniques that teachers as well as your student (K-12) will enjoy using to improve attention and concentration and control excessive energy and fidgeting. Many of these methods were developed on students with ADHD but also work well with other students.
Capitalizing on his decades of experience with ADHD as a consultant to numerous public school districts and private schools, Dr. Taylor gives step-by-step strategies to take better notes, accomplish daily and long-term homework, prepare for tests, and employ clever short-cuts to make studying FUN and EASY for your student. It includes a 5-step procedure to streamline taking notes from teachers’ lectures. Many of these strategies are portrayed in Dr. Taylor’s comprehensive video DVD, “The School Success Tool Kit,” and his book “The ADHD Student at School.”

Research indicates that the presence of each student with ADHD usurps about 15% of the average classroom teacher’s time and energy. Here’s your chance to learn how to prevent this energy drain and keep all students attentive and productive in class, whether you are the teacher or the parent. This webinar features practical, no-cost teaching strategies and classroom techniques to elicit maximum effort from students with attention and focus problems.

You will learn how to help your student:

  • Sharpen focus and concentration
  • Improve notebook organization
  • Stay on-task
  • Reduce fidgeting
  • Succeed on tests and long-term assignments
  • Take better class notes
  • Complete homework on time and with high quality
  • …and much, much more.


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