Pills and Skills: Using Medication Treatment Effectively



Dr. Taylor’s audio CD for parents about getting maximum benefit and minimum side effects when using medication to reduce ADHD symptoms.



The majority of children with ADHD will receive pharmaceutical treatment prior to adulthood. Like all of the CD’s in the world’s most extensive ADHD audio CD library, this one features Dr. John Taylor sharing his intricate knowledge and wisdom about the factors affecting ADHD personally and directly to the listener, not from a stage in front of an audience.  It is intended for parents, not for the child or teen with ADHD, because it features private, frank instruction to parents about getting the most effectiveness out of ADHD-affecting prescribed medications. Topics are a small subset of the strategies discussed in the two chapters devoted to pharmaceutical treatment in his massive guidebook, “Helping Your ADD Child.” They include how to explode medication myths, conquer side effects, adjust dosage to the correct level, gain the child’s or teen’s cooperation, understand the intended effects on behavior, and explain to the child or teen how medications work.


Author:   John F. Taylor, Ph.D.


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