Los Medicamentos y el Desorden de deficiencia de atencion e Hiperactividad



Spanish language edition of  “Using Medication Treatment Effectively” audio CD.



Produced under the direction of Dr. John Taylor and featuring 100% Spanish spoken by him as well as by a fluent Spanish-speaking physician, this edition covers the same topics as its English language counterpart with the same compelling thoroughness and richness of content.  This reassuring CD is intended for parents and helping professionals and provides instruction about getting the most effectiveness out of behavior-affecting prescribed medications, with special emphasis on those used to treat ADHD.  Topics are a small subset of the strategies discussed in the two chapters devoted to pharmaceutical treatment in Dr. Taylor’s massive guidebook, “Helping Your ADD Child.” They include how to explode medication myths, conquer side effects, adjust dosage to the correct level, gain the child’s or teen’s cooperation, understand the intended effects on behavior, and explain to the child or teen how medications work.


Author:   John F. Taylor, Ph.D. & William Mosier, M.D.


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