Parenting Your Child with ADHD



Non-coercive, psychological methods to decrease ADHD difficulties at home and school.


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This book takes a sophisticated, wisdom-laden and comprehensive approach to helping the child or teen with ADHD develop self-control, social interaction and decision-making skills. The basic premise is to recognize and counteract the same five basic motives for misbehavior described in detail in Dr. John Taylor’s book, “Understanding Misbehavior”:  seek interaction, display power, seek safety, avoid participation, and create excitement. Topics include various ways to counter these five motives as displayed by children and teens with ADHD: avoid rewards and punishments, stay calm, engage in problem-solving with the child, develop open communication, use positive wordings, display faith in the child’s competence, assert yourself, and foster gradually increasing autonomy. This  guide also addresses common conflict situations and problematic concerns such as self-care, hygiene, sleep, eating problems, care of personal belongings, risky and sneaky misbehavior, developing trust, sibling issues, daily routines, shopping and travel, peer relationships, group participation at school, homework, and related issues.


Author:   Craig Wiener, Ed.D.


ISBN:     978-16088-23963


Pages:   188


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