Nurturing Self-Esteem in ADD/ADHD Children



Dr. John Taylor’s audio CD for parents about bolstering self-esteem in children and teens.



Like all of the CD’s in the world’s most extensive ADHD audio CD library, this one features Dr. John Taylor sharing his intricate knowledge and wisdom personally and directly to the listener, not from a stage in front of an audience.  This CD is intended for parents, not for the child, because it features frank, private instruction in how parents can reduce and/or eliminate self-esteem difficulties so common among children with a variety of psychiatric disorders, including ADHD. Topics include how to impart that “I can do it!” feeling, improve self-confidence for tackling challenges, enhance feelings of self-worth, facilitate healthy behavior choice-making, strengthen the parent-child bond, and help the child or teen feel more capable at accomplishing school and home tasks.


Author: John F. Taylor, Ph.D.


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