Nobody Ever Told Me (or my Mother) That!



A massive award-winning comprehensive guide to feeding, speech, and oral-motor development in infants and toddlers.



The ideal gift for a new parent as well as training guide for professionals dealing with infant or toddler feeding or breathing issues, this extraordinary book explains just about everything a parent could possibly need to know or think to ask about, with reference to oral developmental issues.  The panoramic range of topics includes the newborn’s mouth, better breast and bottle-feeding, breathing through the nose, allergies and vaccines, spitting up, SIDS, mouthing objects, pacifiers and thumb-sucking, “jaws-ercise,” tooth-grinding, drinking and chewing as an infant, fussy picky eating, speech development difficulties and corrections for them, dental care and facial appearance, finding the best professional help, and meeting special challenges poised by medical and psychiatric disorders affecting babies and toddlers.


Author: Diane Bahr


ISBN:   978-19355-67202


Pages: 438


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