Mega-answers for ADHD, With and Without Hyperactivity




This two-hour webcast presents high-powered methods of assisting children and teens with ADHD, whether or not they have hyperactivity. ADHD reflects a lot more than disrupted brain functioning; other body parts are usually involved, Dr. Taylor, a leading authority on this topic, will explain what to watch out for when helping someone who has ADHD. He will explain how to use three key intervention categories, regardless of age.

The first key is to address the impaired functioning within the body and brain that are distinctive to ADHD. Dr. Taylor will discuss how to improve dietary supply of the nutrients recent research has shown to be helpful. He will also explain how toxic substances interfere with brain metabolism and worsen ADHD symptoms, and show how to avoid exposing your child or teen to these toxins. Because the most common professionally assisted intervention for ADHD is pharmaceutical treatment, Dr. Taylor will clarify how to get the most out of prescribed medications while creating minimal side effects.

The second key is to provide psychological and social support. Dr. Taylor will give nitty-gritty solutions for common psycho-social impairments among children and teens with ADHD. Creating a conflict-free arising and launch of each day and increased family harmony during meals and bedtimes, for example, can go a long way toward improving life for the entire family.

The third key is to utilize specialized academic interventions. Nearly half of all children with ADHD have a learning disability. Dr. Taylor will give clear, usable, parent-friendly strategies that are practical and effective to make each school day go better for the child as well as classmates and the teacher.

After participating in this webinar, you will be able to take advantage of these key pathways to assist anyone who has ADHD, with or without hyperactivity, of any age, regardless of whether other psychiatric conditions are also involved. You will be able to discuss effective methods to address high-risk conflict issues commonly associated with ADHD, including how to

  • Have more peaceful mornings and mealtimes
  • Ease bedtime hassles
  • Enhance sibling relationships and improve family harmony
  • Reduce distractibility and improve attention focusing
  • Address other involved organs besides the brain
  • Insure greater academic success
  • …and much, much more

After you register, be prepared to take lots of notes. You can even interact with Dr. Taylor and ask questions. This class can be a life-changing event for you and your child. Teachers and caring professionals will also benefit from this webinar.


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