Life and Love: Positive Strategies for Autistic Adults



A practical guide to day-to-day coping, written by an adult with autism spectrum disorder.



This massive and unique guide provides nitty-gritty answers from the most credible source for an adult with autism or any condition with similar impairments of cognition and social functioning–an adult with these impairments. The author addresses the reader as “us” and “we.” Topics apply whether the reader is living with others, independently, or with a roommate. The book teaches how to cope with the profound sensory processing impairments occurring in autism and related conditions: prioritize and think in terms of categories, manage chores, set standards, go shopping, get suitable transportation, deal with potential problems during travel, maintain good dental and health care, handle romance and dating, find a suitable job, deal with supervision on the job, handle conflicts, utilize talents and areas of strength, stay safe in public, handle emergencies, deal with gender issues, differentiate casual vs. close friendships, learn what to disclose about diagnosis, and related coping skills.


Author:   Zosia Zaks


ISBN:     978-19312-82932


Pages:   376


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