Know and Follow the Rules



This book teaches young children the importance of listening, doing one’s best work, and being polite.



Impaired social judgment is a common component of the ADHD symptom picture. This book starts with simple reasons why we have rules: to help us stay safe, learn, be fair, and get along. Then it presents four basic guidelines representing common challenges for children with ADHD: “Listen,” “Best Work,” “Hands and Body to Myself,” and “Please and Thank You.” The focus throughout is on the positive sense of pride that comes with learning to follow these and other guidelines and rules. This engaging book is ideal for reading in a circle setting or directly to any young child. It features large, colorful illustrations, discussion questions for classroom and family use, and a special section on games for teaching the four rules of social acceptance from peers.

Author        Cheri Meiners


ISBN    978-15754-21308


Pages    40


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