Kids’ First Cookbook



Help children and teens learn to choose and prepare wholesome foods.



Nutrition is an important component of intervention in psychiatric conditions of children and teens. Use this book to attract a child or teen to good health and wise nutrition by preparing and cooking wholesome food. Topics include introductory information such as ten steps to health, kitchen safety tips, reading food labels and measuring ingredients, and a glossary of cooking terms. The recipes (mostly vegetables, fruits and meats) are clustered as breakfast, beverages, snacks, pizza, meals, goodies, and build-a-design food creations. The recipes don’t meet the chemical purity standards advocated by Dr. John Taylor and shown by research as being effective at reducing ADHD symptoms, but the book provides a young child with pleasant experiences and the beginning of a sense of mastery in the area of food preparation.


Author:    Hilly Blondheim


ISBN:      978-09442-35195


Pages:     94


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