Kelly Bear Behavior



Designed to be read by an adult while children look at the illustrations, this book teaches young children about self-control.




Like its companion book “Kelly Bear Feelings,” this cleverly illustrated book for very young readers (age 3 to 8) features Kelly Bear and the Bear family, all of whom are green bears. Having no race or gender, the characters are automatically able to be identified with by any young child.  It is ideal for circle time discussion in preschool or kindergarten. because the children can see each illustration while the teacher reads the accompanying story. It teaches about becoming more helpful, sharing, polite, kind, truthful, thoughtful, diligent, and dependable. Each behavior is introduced with a brief story accompanied by discussion questions. Although it may be read by a child alone, it is especially useful as a read-along book with the parent or when read to a group of children.

Author:        Leah Davies


ISBN:        978-09621-05414


Pages:        26


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