Intimate Encounter: Turning Point in Your Relationship



Dr. John Taylor’s powerful self-guiding couple’s retreat.




This manual is intended to assist any couple in clarifying and improving their relationship. In this unique process, the couple arranges a two-day period in a setting of their choice. They use two notebooks to respond to 33 high-impact stimulus questions.  After writing thorough answers they trade notebooks and read each other’s answers. They discuss their answers, focusing on similarities and differences. Dr. Taylor’s guidelines insure that the discussions are safe, honest, and thorough. This encounter process helps the couple earn back broken trust, resolve ambivalence toward each other, rearrange personal priorities, move toward improved decision-making, clarify important concerns, confront each other effectively, stop any destructive processes within their relationship, and gain greater understanding of each other. It can even serve to assist in making a “split up or not” decision.


Author: John F. Taylor, Ph.D.


Pages: 108


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