Improving Speech and Eating Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders



A guide to help children with feeding, food preferences, oral hygiene, and speech development.


Difficulties with oral skills often reflect sensory processing impairments, as explained in Dr. John Taylor’s landmark guide, “Understanding Sensory processing Impairments.” This book for resolving speech and feeding issues provides a step-by-step program easily incorporated into daily family life. Topics include a review of sensory issues, definitions of apraxia and related conditions, signs of abnormal oral-motor development, arranging daily sessions of feeding and language development activities, using bath time and bedtime opportunities, oral play and making food more attractive, a review of complementary therapies (including Brain Gym) that can help, a 46-entry glossary, and assorted references and other helps.


Author:   Maureen Flanagan


ISBN:     978-19345-75239


Pages:   126


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