Como mejorar la sociabilidad: forma efectiva de resolver conflictos



Spanish language edition of Dr. John F. Taylor’s “Improving Social Skills: Training in Peacemaking” audio CD for parents about improving social ease and friendshipping skills in children and teens.



Difficulties with social skills commonly occur as part of the ADHD symptom picture. Produced under the direction of Dr. John F. Taylor and featuring 100% Spanish spoken by a fluent Spanish-speaking narrator, this edition provides the same comprehensive coverage of social skills improvement strategies as its English language counterpart. This CD is intended for parents, not for the siblings or a child with social skills deficits. The concepts apply regardless of the presence or absence of an identified psychiatric condition. It shows parents how to reduce and/or eliminate common shortcomings and difficulties with social skills in any child. Topics include how to teach effective decision-making tactics, improve temptation resistance skills, train in how to apologize, increase sensitivity to others’ feelings, refine friendship skills, and improve conflict-resolving skills.


Author: William Mosier, M.D., Timothy Taylor Ph.D. & John F. Taylor, Ph.D.


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