Living in Harmony: Improving Sibling Relationships



Dr. Taylor’s audio CD for parents about overcoming the sibling issues in families with ADHD.




Stressed sibling relationships occur often in the families of children with a variety of psychiatric conditions, including ADHD. Like all of the CD’s in the world’s most extensive ADHD audio CD library, this one features Dr. John Taylor sharing his intricate knowledge and wisdom. This CD is intended for parents, not for siblings within the family, because it features frank, private instruction in how parents can reduce and/or eliminate sibling rivalry issues and improve family harmony. Topics are a small subset of the strategies discussed in Dr Taylor’s popular parenting guidebook, “From Defiance to Cooperation.” They include how to unveil the roots of sibling rivalry, prevent “I hate him” burnout in siblings, improve the children’s negotiation skills, increase courtesy and generosity between siblings, and avoid the parent-trap of trying to “be consistent “ in the wrong ways.


Author:   John F. Taylor, Ph.D.


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