I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Mad



Help 7- to 12- year-olds with anger management with 40 worksheets and activities.



Anger management difficulties are a common component of the ADHD symptom picture. This workbook and activity guide to assist children age 7 to 12 (whether or not ADHD is involved) is ideal for use in individual or group counseling or circle discussions. It contains over 40 games, stories, puzzles, discussions and fill-in worksheets. Topics include how to recognize facial and body indications of anger, express anger positively, reduce stress, get enough sleep and proper nutrition, limit TV and video games, improve breath control and relaxation, use positive self-talk, develop patience, think before you act, handle frustration gracefully, develop empathy and listening skills, honor rules and be a good sport, participate in family meetings, cooperate with and forgive others, and accomplish related skills.


Author:    Lawrence Shapiro, Ph.D., Zach Pelta-Heller & Anna Greenwald


ISBN:       978-15722-46065


Pages:     150


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