I Want to Win!


Help young children learn to take joy in their effort without having to be the “winner.”


Excess competitiveness is a common component of the ADHD symptom picture, especially among hyperactive children. With full-color illustrations on every page, this captivating book is intended to be read by or to the young reader. The child in the story learns to try hard, do her best, and feel good about the results of her effort, even if she doesn’t “win.” She learns about sportsmanship. Following the story, a series of pictures invites the reader to interpret a story about enjoying the activity without having to be the winner. A special section for adults gives discussion questions and suggestions for guiding a child to talk about facing hard-to-do situations and trying hard without ending up as the winner, and appreciating others’ efforts. In addition to its obvious use in a family setting, this book’s hardbound binding and sturdy paper pages render it ideal for frequent use, as in a school library or professional office.


Author: Sue Graves
ISBN: 978-16319-81319


Pages: 28

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