How to Grow Fresh Air


Choose the best houseplants for helping anyone with ADHD or autism avoid airborne toxic chemical exposures.


This authoritative full-color guide provides crucial answers to help anyone affected by chemical sensitivities, such as the majority of persons of all ages with ADHD or autism. It depicts the top 50 houseplants for removing airborne toxins and shows how to grow and nurture them in homes, classrooms and offices. It rates each plant on its ability to purify the air of chemical vapors (the reason to use them to assist for ADHD and autism), ease of maintenance and care, resistance to insects, and transpiration rate. This book is essential reading for any parent using the toxinsulation treatment method recommended for children and teens with ADHD or autism.

Author: B.C. Wolverton

ISBN: 978-01402-62438

Pages: 144


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