How to Do Homework Without Throwing Up, Revised Edition



This book uses humor to refute common rationalizations for avoiding homework.




The homework turn-in rate for students with ADHD is about 50%. With 70 attractive cartoon illustrations, this clever pocket-size book escorts the reader in a thoroughly entertaining way through topics that disrupt common excuses and rationalizations teens and preteens use to avoid tackling assigned homework, whether or not ADHD is involved. Topics include how to make a homework schedule, get homework help when you need it, avoid interruptions, resist the lure of television and video games, avoid making the “ten terrible excuses” for not doing homework, and related approaches. It can serve as a humorous self-guiding assist or be read by the teen or tween along with an adult.


Author: Trevor Romain


ISBN:  978-16319-80664


Pages: 80


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