Fine Motor Fun



Therapeutic activities to improve fine motor skills for PreK – 2 students with sensory processing impairments reflected in small-muscle control problems.



Every child with impaired muscle control faces significant challenges at school and at home. This book for teachers, occupational therapists and physical therapists provides a comprehensive array of strategies for use at school and in clinical settings to redeem sensory processing impairments reflected in problems with muscle control, eye-hand skill, and finger and thumb coordination. The strategies are clustered as pouring and scooping, using modeling compounds, tossing and turning, printing and stamping, finger and puppet plays, squeezing and clothespin working, clothespin games, glue and sticker fun, lacing and stringing, over 25 scissor activities, coloring and tracing, painting, pencil work, dot-to-dots, lines and curves, finish-the-design fun, mazes, finish-the-faces fun, and printing all letters of the alphabet.


Author:    Sherrill Flora


ISBN:       978-19330-52786


Pages:     160


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