Encouraging Your Discouraged Child or Teen




How can you help lonely, under-assertive, disrespected, unappreciated, victimized, or academically under-performing children and teens? Often their actions and words reflect nihilism (“Stop the world, I want to get off”) Sometimes their spirit appears about to break or already broken (“I give up”), with fractured self-esteem (“I can’t do it”) or a decimated sense of self-worth (“Nobody cares about me”). They often feel victimized (“Nobody likes me; everyone is mean”) and helpless (“Nothing I try ever works”).
For over 40 years as a prominent family therapist, Dr John Taylor has developed powerful life-changing answers for these children and teens. In this unique and refreshing webinar, he gives you practical strategies to uplift these children and teens and free them from the shackles of their paralyzing discouragement. He knows how to help them uncover and transform the sources of their own personal struggles, and he shows you how to create a safe emotional atmosphere at school and home.
Equipped with this assortment of high-impact uplift techniques, you can help insure them against perfectionism and giving up. You can show them how to be more resilient against feelings of discouragement and even turn their imperfections and mistakes into stepping stones toward improving their lives.
These are the same strategies Dr. Taylor has directly helped families with, face-to-face, throughout his years of clinical practice, and many are included in the books he has written. After this webinar, you will be able to discuss and apply these techniques and help children’s and teens’ abilities to:
  • Turn self-doubt into self-confidence
  • Develop enhanced feelings of self-worth
  • Self-protect with improved assertion skills
  • Create positive interactions with peers and adults
  • Feel more appreciated and respected by peers and adults
  • Enjoy greater influence over their own lives and circumstances
After you register, be prepared to take lots of notes. You can even interact with Dr. Taylor and ask questions. This class can be a life-changing event for you and your child. Teachers and caring professionals will also benefit from this webinar.


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