Encouraging the Discouraged Child



Dr. John Taylor’s step-by-step guide for boosting any child’s self-confidence.



This parent education booklet gives practical, easy-to-follow guidelines for imparting and maintaining self-esteem and healthy self-confidence. Like all “Family Power” booklets, it is pleasant to read and well illustrated. Encouragement is generally superior to praising as a self-esteem booster, and this booklet explains encouragement in detail. Topics include ways to help any child or teen bolster self-confidence, insulate against negative self-talk from making mistakes, and avoid neurotic perfectionistic thinking. It also portrays how to implant that “I can do it!” feeling in a child, enhance peer relationship skills, refine apology skills, and related strategies and concepts.


Author:   John F. Taylor, Ph.D.


ISBN:     18840-63772


Pages:    38


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