Educating the Young Child with Autism Spectrum Disorders



A thorough guide to incorporating a student with autism into an integrated elementary classroom.



About 2.5% of all children in the US have autism, so most teachers will experience having a student with autism in class. This book, one of the best on this topic, saves the day with teacher-friendly action steps to assure a successful entry into and participation in an elementary classroom. Topics include assessment and establishing the least restrictive environment, tips for working closely with parents, adjusting the classroom to avoid sensory overload (noise, smells, temperature, light, etc.), transitions and other difficult times, staying calm and giving directions slowly, modifying materials and curriculum, precautions about sensory overload, implementing therapeutic sensory activities, tactile sensory inputs, vestibular and proprioceptive sensory inputs, motor planning issues, social skills and classmate curiosity, communication and language impairments, behavioral regulation and self-control issues, speech impediments, documenting abnormal behavior, changing behavior for the better, autism and play issues, and related strategies.


Author:    Michael Abraham


ISBN:       978-16026-80203


Pages:     64


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