Dear Diana: Diana’s Guide to Independent Living



A guide to day-to-day coping for adults with intellectual and/or social impairments.



Using a “Dear Abby” format, the author answers a wide range of questions about daily living to assist persons with significant intellectual and/or social limitations. A remarkable feature is the inclusion of explanations for common idioms that are so confusing for individuals with concrete thinking processes (“has the cat got your tongue?”..”step on the gas,” etc.). The answers are frank and clear, because they reflect the author’s direct experience as an adult with special needs. The nearly 200 topics are clustered into categories of consumer and financial skills, language and interpersonal skills, dress and hygiene, health and nutrition, housekeeping and maintenance, cooking, using public transportation, employment and workplace issues, dealing with neighbors, community involvement and participation, stress management, making time for yourself, errands and chores, friendships, establishing priorities, solving problems, and handling emergency situations.


Author:   Diana Bilezikian


ISBN:     978-19374-73921


Pages:   216

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