Care and Feeding of Your Child’s Brain Webinar




The brain is the most precariously balanced organ in your child’s body. It manufactures 34 neurotransmitters. Comprising about 10% of total body size, it demands huge quantities of vitamins, oxygen, amino acids, minerals, fatty acids, and glucose. A shortage of any of these six key nutrients can significantly interfere with neurotransmitter production, disrupting its functioning and creating massive impairments in school performance, emotional control, and judgment. Many psychiatric conditions are characterized (and worsened) by brain nutrient shortages. Its functioning is also greatly sabotaged by brain-altering chemicals, including various hormones, poisons, and chemicals triggered by the immune system during allergy reactions and illness. Brain functioning is, in fact, highly responsive to changes in nutrition, sleep, stress hormones, exercise, digestive processes, and a host of additional factors.

This two-hour webinar shows you how these various factors inter-relate to either enhance or disrupt your child’s brain functioning on any particular day, regardless of the presence or absence of serious mental health impairments such as ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder . Dr. Taylor shows you in clear, easy-to-understand terms how to assist and improve the overall brain health and efficiency by managing eight of the most important and influential factors found by research to help reduce psychiatric symptoms and improve mental alertness, memory and decision making.

You will learn how to manage and control these eight important brain-influencing variables, and you can even teach your child or teen how to join in improving his or her own brain functioning to help reduce psychiatric symptoms. Dr. Taylor will show you why and how your child’s brain functioning can be effectively enhanced. He explains how to help your child or teen:

  1. Manage stress more easily
  2. Improve digestive health
  3. Avoid and reduce allergy exposures
  4. Avoid toxic chemical exposures
  5. Get better sleep
  6. Obtain helpful routine exercise
  7. Enhance brain nutrition
  8. Manage pharmaceutical treatment of psychiatric conditions


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