But Why Can’t I? A Book About Rules



Help reduce oppositional behavior in young children.




Because 60% of hyperactive children develop oppositional defiant disorder, early signs of oppositional tendencies should be addressed at a young age. This book can help. With full-color illustrations on every page, this captivating book is intended to be read to or by the young reader. It teaches why rules are important and how they keep people safe, healthy, and happy. The child hero becomes reassured that rules are helpful, not a burden. Following the story, a series of pictures invites the reader to tell a story about following rules successfully, and a special section for adults provides discussion questions and suggestions for guiding a child to talk about why rules are helpful. In addition to its obvious use in a family setting, this book’s hardbound binding and sturdy paper pages render it ideal for frequent use, as in a school library or professional office.


Author:    Sue Graves


ISBN:       978-15754-23760


Pages:     28


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