Bullying Is a Pain in the Brain



The ideal self-help bully-proofing guide for the harassed tween or teen, and discussion starter to confront the tween or teen bully.



Children and teens with ADHD are over-represented as victims of teasing and harassment, and hyperactive teens comprise a significant percentage of playground bullies. This humorous pocket-size book explores this difficult topic in a style that is inviting for the reader. It can serve as a self-guiding assist or be read by the teen or tween along with an adult. Refreshed to reflect the latest research, it reassures kids that it’s not their fault if they are bullied and describes realistic ways to become “bully-proof.” It shows how bystanders can stand up for others and how to get help in dangerous situations. Even kids who bully will find ideas they can use to get along with others and feel better about themselves.

Author:        Trevor Romain

ISBN:    978-16319-80657


Pages:    112


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