Autism: A Practical Guide to Improving Your Child’s Quality of Life



A very detailed guide to a range of autism treatment alternatives.


This reassuring book by the parents of two children with autism demonstrates how well they’ve done their homework at uncovering usable, valid treatments, where they originated, how they work, and the nuances of obtaining and using them. Topics include precautions to take at various age levels, immune system suppression and digestive problems from antibiotics, getting an accurate diagnosis, propionic acid, digestion issues, diarrhea and constipation, food allergies, the blood-brain barrier and neurotoxins, biotoxins, detoxifying the child, facilitating healthy excretion, avoiding chemical exposures, helping the liver detoxify, parental emotional stresses, ABA and related approaches, social skills training, interactive therapies, sensory integration therapy, music and massage, choosing a school, getting the most from education, using whole health learning, and what to avoid and what to encourage at meals. It also features a very helpful chart of key nutrients, their function in the body, and where they’re found. 


Author:   Jonathan & Polly Tommey


ISBN:      9780-7499-42380


Pages:    304


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