No More Tantrums: Anger Control Training



Dr. John Taylor’s audio CD for parents about preventing and reducing anger-related acting-out in children and teens.



Anger control problems occur often among children and teens with a variety of psychiatric conditions, including ADHD. Drawing upon his decades of practice as a psychotherapist, including helping many parents cope with family-disruptive anger issues in their children, Dr. John Taylor has assembled many useful strategies to assist adults in teaching healthy anger management skills to children and teens. Like all of the CD’s in the world’s most extensive ADHD audio CD library, this one features Dr. John Taylor sharing his intricate knowledge and wisdom personally and directly to the listener. This CD tells how to reduce and/or eliminate anger related stresses within the family. Topics are a small subset of the strategies discussed in Dr Taylor’s book, “Anger Control Training.” They include how to teach negotiation skills, sidestep power struggles, provide safe anger venting, train in constructive ways to “use” the energy of anger, uncover the hidden hurts behind anger moments, facilitate healthy expression of anger, and related strategies.


Author: John F. Taylor, Ph.D.


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