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Dr. John F. Taylor has authored numerous books and tapes, has developed innovative approaches, and comes highly recommended for his ability to portray practical techniques to assist professionals who work with individuals and families within these difficult topic areas.

  • psychologists and other mental health professionals
  • agencies
  • teachers
  • occupational therapists
  • speech and language therapists
  • school and rehabilitation counselors
  • human service professionals and related disciplines
  • parent educators

The Essential Therapy Toolkit for Children With Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Impairments

Seminar Description

Sensory Processing Impairments (SPIs) constitute the bulk of symptoms of autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, anxiety disorders and other conditions presenting major challenges for teachers and parents. This course provides refreshing and creative answers for therapists who resolve sensory-motor issues (OT, SLP, PT) as well as educators. This unique training event details fifteen powerful intervention pathways to reduce sensory processing impairments, and includes numerous specific strategies beyond the range of interventions customarily offered as training for these professions. It also gives methods to help OTs, SLPs, and PTs enhance acceptance and understanding of sensory- based interventions by school administrators, educators, and parents.

Dr. Taylor, a pioneer in the field of sensory processing, gives clear explanations and user-friendly wording to explain these pathways to caregivers and demonstrates some of the strategies within each. You will learn dramatic role-play demonstrations and many additional strategies for assisting these highly at-risk children, as well as the adults who care for and educate them. Especially designed for therapists in the fields of OT, SLP, and PT, this course will enhance your impact and effectiveness as you work with children who have sensory processing issues. Educators, mental health professionals and other involved adults will also gain a new level of understanding and effectiveness in resolving sensory processing impairments.

Learning Objectives

After attending a seminar a participant will be able to do the following:

  • Integrate academic, psycho-social, sensory-motor, and physiological interventions to improve social skills and academic performance in children with sensory processing impairments.
  • Describe the four major types of sensory processing impairments and give examples of each.
  • Describe teacher-friendly classroom techniques to reduce sensory processing impairments.
  • Explain how to reduce sensory seeking, avoiding, under- responding, and motor problems.
  • Describe interview methods to boost children’s cooperation with therapists and educators as participants in their own treatment.
  • Apply interview methods to overcome denial and resistance from parents and caregivers.

Course Outline

Explaining Sensory Processing Impairment in a New, Better Way

  • Sensory “adaptation” vs. sensory “processing impairment”
  • Easier-to-understand definitions of sensory processing impairments and “sensory overload”
  • Treatable causes of sensory seeking, avoiding, under-responding, and sensory-based motor impairments
  • A convincing live demonstration of sensory processing impairments
  • Crack the code of sensory processing impairments in autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities
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