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August 30, 2022
10:00 am - 11:00 am / Pacific Time
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Sensible Sleep Solutions

Adequate restful sleep is essential for your child’s success at school and for self-control, mental alertness and emotional control during the day. Sleeping pills aren’t the answer. Drawing on his over 45 years’ experience as one of the premiere authorities on ADHD, Dr. John F. Taylor has guided hundreds of families to attain better quality, more sustained and reliable sleep as a valid way to reduce ADHD symptoms. Now he shares the numerous ways YOU can ensure more cooperation from YOUR child, improve behavior and performance the next day, and return peace and harmony to your family at bedtime and the next morning.

This fascinating webinar shows you how to arrange the best bedtime, provide a reassuring tuck-in, and ensure that your child falls asleep quickly. It also gives a wide array of solid answers to the most common middle-of-the-night sleep issues among children and teens. You’ll find answers to nighttime awakening, excessive bathroom trips, teeth grinding, sweating, bedwetting, falling out of bed, and sleepwalking. Dr. Taylor’s suggestions are safe and sane, powerful, effective, and easy to accomplish with just about any child or teen, whether or not psychiatric or behavioral problems are involved.

You will learn how to:

  • Ensure optimal sleep and waking times for your child
  • Take command of sleep-wrecking factors like stress and screen time
  • Use wise sensory stimulation to help your child get to sleep
  • Counteract common sleep disturbances
  • Handle bedtime tuck-ins masterfully
  • …and much, much more


John F. Taylor, Ph.D. is a clinical specialist and a nationally-known author and speaker. Dr. Taylor has treated hundreds of children and adolescents who were displaying misbehavior at all levels of psychopathology.

The author and producer of over 200 professional journal articles, newspaper and journal columns, books, video DVDs, audio CDs and booklets, Dr. Taylor is perhaps best known for his landmark parent-teacher-counselor guidebook ”Helping Your ADD Child,” his best-selling “The Survival Guide for Kids with ADHD.” and his definitive parenting guidebook about oppositional and defiant children and teens “From Defiance to Cooperation.”

His publications for professionals have included numerous articles in professional journals, and books including “Diagnostic Interviewing of the Misbehaving Child,” “Understanding Misbehavior,” and “Anger Control Training for Children and Teens.” Dr. Taylor has been a psychology instructor at UT-Chattanooga and two community colleges. He has presented seminars to clinicians, therapists, teachers and parents nationwide.

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