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November 10, 2020
10:00 am - 12:00 pm / Pacific Time
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Helping Kids & Teens on Prescribed Diets

There are over 60 medical and psychiatric conditions for which long-term diets are currently employed as components of medical and psychiatric treatment. They include autism, ADHD, diabetes, hypoglycemia, food allergies, and chemical sensitivities. This webinar gives you reliable guidelines effective with most children’s long-term therapeutic diets. It delivers a toolbox from which to select the best tools to help any child observe a recommended diet. That means eating what they are supposed to eat and resisting the temptation to eat forbidden foods.

Dietitians, nutritionists and physicians commonly report that medical diets fail most often because of psychological factors, not nutritional factors. This webinar shows you ways to help the child or teen cooperatively assume a correct share of responsibility for obeying the prescribed dietary measures.
The remarkable advances being made in the fields of nutrition and dietary medicine are often wasted because the child refuses to obey the prescribed dietary guidelines. One child’s observing a special diet affects the entire family. The child needs emotional support, assistance in understanding the necessity for dietary measures, and encouragement about observing any food restrictions. Parents and siblings can assist in important ways. Needed support can also come from a variety of helping disciplines, friends, and parents of other diet-restricted children. This webinar explains how to obtain and harness that support for the child or teen observing any long-term diet. It details the most important strategies for a parent’s developing a successful working relationship with the involved professionals, and how to harness the assistance available from them.

Dr. Taylor also provides suggestions for parents about applying long-term dietary restrictions to their child. Current guides, whether online or in print form, tend to focus on detailed lists of specific nutrients and foods. Most of these guides gloss over the psychological problems and complexities that can undercut the recommendations. Instead of giving lists of foods to consume or avoid, this webinar gives you the most important key to the success of any dietary intervention–getting the child to cooperate and stay on any specific diet for the long haul.

It also gives answers for the emotional hurdles often faced by parents of diet-restricted children to set the stage for a long-term dietary intervention.

Dr. Taylor even includes nitty-gritty solutions for problems that emerge when food-related routines are disrupted, such as holidays, hospitalization, and family travel. Lack of support from one parent can sabotage the dietary effort, and he shows some of the most common patterns of this kind of disruption and how to minimize their effects as well.

  • Improve your relationship with medical and nutritional professionals
  • Involve family members in supporting the child’s or teen’s efforts
  • Explain the key emotional hurdles facing the parents of dieting kids
  • Help sustain dietary observance during holidays
  • …and much, much more.


John F. Taylor, Ph.D. is a clinical specialist and a nationally-known author and speaker. Dr. Taylor has treated hundreds of children and adolescents who were displaying misbehavior at all levels of psychopathology.

The author and producer of over 200 professional journal articles, newspaper and journal columns, books, video DVDs, audio CDs and booklets, Dr. Taylor is perhaps best known for his landmark parent-teacher-counselor guidebook ”Helping Your ADD Child,” his best-selling “The Survival Guide for Kids with ADHD.” and his definitive parenting guidebook about oppositional and defiant children and teens “From Defiance to Cooperation.”

His publications for professionals have included numerous articles in professional journals, and books including “Diagnostic Interviewing of the Misbehaving Child,” “Understanding Misbehavior,” and “Anger Control Training for Children and Teens.” Dr. Taylor has been a psychology instructor at UT-Chattanooga and two community colleges. He has presented seminars to clinicians, therapists, teachers and parents nationwide.

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